Gas prices are out of controlÖso everyone loves to save on gas! Our $250 gas Card program allows you to earn $250 in gasoline! Gas companies are making BILLIONS of dollars of profit and now it is your time to make and save money. Order yours today and fill up tomorrow.

The program works as follows; you simply mail in $100 in gas receipts from your local station each month and you will receive a $25.00 gas card for that brand of gas!!! You can repeat this process up to 10 times for a total of $250.00 in FREE gas!! Itís that simple!! By collecting receipts from the brand of gas you use each month, we can prove that we are helping establish brand loyalty to the gas manufacturers and that you deserve to receive a discount on your gas purchases. With gas prices as high as they are, itís your time to save at the pump!! So, to receive your gas voucher package and information kit, simply click the BUY NOW button below to purchase online or click the MAIL-IN FORM and print and mail in this certificate along with $15.00 to cover the cost of processing, shipping and handling to the address below within 90 days of the date.

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